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RoseAnne Spradlin

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RoseAnne Spradlin

RoseAnne Spradlin, New York City–based choreographer, has become known for her raw, luminous vision and provocative performance works. Spradlin's singular approach to choreography has its roots in her background in the visual arts and her study of both Western and Eastern forms of movement energetics and post-modern dance. Spradlin's work is concerned with the revelation of the individual performer and the probing of deep structures of perception and feeling embedded in human behavior.

"The arts give us a means to grapple with the most complex issues of existence. We have to trust our explorations; however the work comes out, we have to embrace it and allow it to be". —RoseAnne Spradlin

Press Quotes

"By no means conventional entertainment, 'beginning' broadens the definition of dance."
—Elizabeth Zimmer, metro New York, May '11
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Upcoming Events

g-h-o-s-t c-r-o-w-n (working title)

New York Live Arts on Oct 8–11, 2014 at 7:30 pm

Choreographer RoseAnne Spradlin puts pressure on notions of minimalism in dance, encouraging her choreography to reveal not only aspects of form but also visceral power. Calling her method reduction, Spradlin creates hypnotic repetition that can also break into unexpected climax and the release of emotion.  

Set within a structure of sections of the same duration, Spradlin's work embodies both the compression and expansion of time. Choice, fate and collective action become pivots of meditation and passageways to release in this provocative, hour-long work. [or 75-minute work]  

Live music composed by Jeffrey Young, projected video by Glen Fogel, costumes by Walter Dundervill and lighting by Stan Pressner deepen the dimensionality of the work. g-h-o-s-t c-r-o-w-n (working title) is performed by Asli Bulbul, devynn emory, Natalie Green, Athena Malloy, Saúl Ulerio, and Rebecca Warner.

indelible disappearance-- a thought not a title

World Premiere TBA, New York City 2014

Touring Works

beginning of something

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