Meredith L. Boggia
Independent Creative Producer


Let’s build something together.

Lets keep it fun, ok?

Lets keep it fun, ok?


Meredith L. Boggia, creative producer

What I do...

I am committed to combining talent and experience to present artist-focused, aesthetically exceptional, boundary breaking performance through partnerships, active relationship management, detailed rigor, and honest care. I believe that respect, grace and humor service these intentions and ought be at the center of most motives in life, so why not work?

Personal Mission:

I believe in live performance and great art. I believe in sourcing locally. I believe in finding new inspiration daily.  I believe in working hard and sharing honestly. I believe in liberally distributing respect and care. I want to see the world and share the world. 

Professional Bio:

Meredith L Boggia has been working professionally  in arts administration with institutions, festivals, tours, productions and management of Individual Performance Artists and Collectives as well as in Fine and Visual arts.  She has worked on over 500+ individual productions in all stages of development at institutions such as MASS MoCA, Dance Theater Workshop / New York Live Arts and independently at venues throughout New York City. She has been professionally affiliated with Aunts, National Performance Network (NPN), APAP’s Emerging Leaders institute and received the Mentor and Leadership Initiative grant for ‘outstanding leadership in the field by a young person in the field of arts administration’ from NPN. She is also an event producer and clients have included The Kentler Gallery, The New York Dance and Performance Awards, The Central Park Boathouse and others. As an Independent Creative Producer she is honored to have worked with many lauded artists, and looks forward to working with more.




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