Meredith L. Boggia
Independent Creative Producer

David Neumann/Advanced Beginner Group's I Understand Everything Better

David Neumann’s work as a freelance choreographer, director and performer includes a wide range of projects and disciplines.  Since 1999, Neumann has worked behind the scenes to craft plays, operas, films and multi-disciplinary performances.  From avant-garde theater to blockbuster films, classic opera to new musicals, David’s diverse experience has given him a unique ability to articulate ideas through performers’ bodies. 

I worked with David as Lead Creative Producer from 2013-17 on his smash hit ‘I Understand Everything Better.’

David Neumann/Advanced Beginner Group - I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING BETTER, context video

Artist: David Neuman/Advanced Beginner Group

Project: I Understand Everything Better

Project Description: ‘I Understand Everything Better’, examines a man on his death bed, a meteorologist reporting from within a storm, and a great actor who might be performing a Kabuki play about a dying man in a great storm.

Services: Lead Producer, booking agent, fundraiser, creative team director, project advisor


Abrons Art Center with The Chocolate Factory Theater (New York, NY)

American Dance Institute (Washington DC)

The Chocolate Factory Theater with PS122's Coil Festival (New York, NY)

Fusebox Festival (Austin, TX)

International Thespian Festival (Lincoln, NE)

The Ringling Museum (Sarasota, FL)

Developmental residencies at : Mass MoCA, Baryshnikov Arts Center, Florida State University MANCC, Abrons Art Center, The Chocolate Factory Theater, SETI Institute, BANF.

Bessie award for Outstanding production, and Outstanding Score, New England Foundation For the Arts Touring Award, New England Foundation for the Arts Production Award.

David Neumann "I Understand Everything Better" Research in 2015