Meredith L. Boggia
Independent Creative Producer

About Me(re)

who is this lady, anyway?

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What I do...

I am committed to combining talent and experience to present artist-focused, aesthetically exceptional, boundary breaking performance through partnerships, active relationship management, detailed rigor, and honest care. I also believe that respect, grace and humor service these intentions and ought be at the center of most motives in life, so why not work?

Professional Bio

Meredith L Boggia is an arts worker and curator in fine and performing arts with institutions, festivals, tours, productions and in the management of individual artists and collectives. She has had the pleasure of collaborating as a staff member of such institutions as Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, where she still works regularly, Museum of Art and Design, National Dance Museum, Dance Theater Workshop/New York Live Arts. As a line producer she enjoys working with Solid Sound Music Festival, the Wassaic Project, Fresh Grass Music Initiative, The Margret Meade Film Festival and many others.  She is also an event producer and clients have included The Kentler Gallery, The New York Dance and Performance Awards, The Central Park Boathouse and others.  As an Independent Creative Producer she is honored to work with many artists, including luciana achugar, David Neumann/Advanced Beginner Group, Rebecca Lazier, Emily Johnson/Catalyst, Ivy Baldwin Dance and others. Current clients/projects include Katie Workum Dance, Mallory Catlett / Restless NYC, Ni'Ja Whitson /The NWA Project, Lionel Popkin,  and others. She is honored to be a member of this community. More at

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Who I am...

I am a human who believes in the fervent and infectious power of distilled and associative thought. I believe in live performance and great art. I believe in sourcing locally. I believe in finding new inspiration daily.  I believe in working hard and sharing honestly. I believe in liberally distributing respect and care. I like words like fastidious, holistic and spreadsheet.  

I want to see the world and share the world.