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Multiple Artists In The Works, Sunday January 17 Gibney Dance Studios (890 Broadway)

Multiple Artists In The Works, Sunday January 17
Gibney Dance Studios (890 Broadway) 

9:30–9:50 AM: K.J. Holmes
10:15–10:45 AM: Ivy Baldwin Dance
11–11:30 AM: Katie Workum 
12–12:30 PM: Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith 
12:35–12:55 PM: K.J. Holmes 
1–1:30 PM: Ivy Baldwin Dance 
2–2:30 PM: Katie Workum 
3–3:30 PM: Emily Johnson

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Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith
Studio 1: 12 PM
Sex Dreams is a new project from Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith set to music from the Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. The dance seeks to claim the powerlessness that happens when rape occurs during sleep and the power that is created when artistic expression is shared. Molly and Eleanor build a set performance based on improvisations that explore dream-like states, the feeling of being underwater, and dancing in the most vulnerable capacities—naked, tired, embarrassed—while trying to do very strong things. The accompanying music is simultaneously hopeful and sad, marking time while speaking to moving forward through change.

Sex Dreams will premiere in 2017 with lighting design by Madeline Best and sound design by James Lo.

Emily Johnson / Catalyst
Studio 1: 3 PM

Extending an 8-year process of collaboration and attention to place, Emily Johnson / Catalyst’s newest work Then a Cunning Voice and a Night We Spend Gazing at Stars is a multiyear project focused on all night stargazing. The project includes in equal measure: gathering intentions for a joyful future, making quilts, performance and a night of stargazing. It relies upon people coming together- to voice intentions, work, experience time, rest and imagine. It is inspired by community visioning sessions held in partnership with Native American Community Development Institute. The visioning sessions started with the questions, “What do you want for your well-being? For your family and friends? Your neighborhood? Your city, town, or reserve?”

The intentions are gathered on quilt squares which are sewn into a modular series of quilts during community sewing bees led by master quilters. Once created the quilts are laid together to become one large quilt upon which we will host all night stargazing inclusive of curated moments of silence, stories, and First-Nations star knowledge. Stargazing participants are encouraged to stay all night as we are building a night that offers rest and reflection but also requires commitment and responsibility. We want to share time, to feel and also imagine the space below us on the ground and above us in the air. It is celebratory, to come together like this. Illustrated maps depict the intentions and labor sewn into the quilts; a community breakfast is offered in the morning as well as caretaking of the land we laid upon. Because we have to turn out the lights and plunge ourselves into darkness, or go out into the rurals to gaze at the stars, we need to negotiate safety. Catalyst will work with local youth to develop the strategies for planning with municipalities about shutting off the lights and cultivating safety in the darkness, together. The performance is a quartet based on rest, need, choice. It is performance that is at once resting within our bodies and also a dynamic vessel for sharing energy, intimately told story, and kisses (to hands, cheeks, shoulders).

Guest: K.J. Holmes
Studio 1: 9:30 AM + 12:35 PM
HIC SVNT DRACONESHIC SVNT DRACONES, created and performed by K.J. Holmes, is an ensemble dance theater piece that enters the terra incognita of the human terrain to dive deeper into transparencies between the personal and mythic, and bring to relief the maps of illogical poetic narratives the body holds. Holmes’ dances have always played with resistance, flow and risk - from raw reflexive physicality to the subtle nuances of image and emotion, widening transitions and the layers of uncertainties there. With HSD, Holmes explores an edge of “in/sanity” - between reason and passion, movement, thought and the world and questions who and what defines that, not only as individuals, but as cultures of minds whose lives depend upon the physical reality.

Ivy Baldwin Dance
Studio 1: 10 AM
Remove (Part 1) Choreographer Ivy Baldwin’s latest work, Remove, is a dance for four women that embraces loss. Performed by Ivy, Anna Carapetyan, Eleanor Smith, and Katie Workum, Remove looks at a quintessential experience: the sudden absence of a constant presence and the redefinition of self in its wake. With candor and wit, Remove disrupts the typical pattern of manning up and moving on, reviving ancient rites of grief to encourage that loss be allowed to resonate.

Presented in two parts, Remove (Part 1) will premiere at The Philip Johnson Glass House in May 2016. Remove (Part 2) will premiere at Abrons Art Center in May 2017, in a co-commission with Abrons, The Chocolate Factory, and The Joyce Theater. Both will feature an original score by Ivy’s long-time collaborator Justin Jones, along with lighting design by Chloe Z. Brown and costume and visual design by Walter Dundervill.

Special thanks to Williams and Karen Tell Foundation, The Philip Johnson Glass House, Jerome Foundation.

Katie Workum
Studio 1: 11 AM + 2 PM
Here are the Mountains (currently under development, US premiere Winter 2017) the performance casts its focus towards what we return to and why. It is an expansive three-­part dissemination of ideas: a performance for the public that can be staged both in a natural landscape and within an indoors setting, a performance with and done by the the public and a written account of process and product by author/scholar/educator Karinne Keithley Sayers.