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David Neumann / Advanced Beginner Group PS122's COIL @ Chocolate Factory, January 10–16

David Neumann / Advanced Beginner Group
PS122's COIL @ Chocolate Factory, January 10–16

Jan 10 @ 3 PM, Jan 11 @ 7 PM, Jan 12 @ 7 PM, Jan 14 @ 2 PM, Jan 15 @ 2 PM, Jan 16 @ 5 PM

Winner of two Bessie Award for Outstanding Production and Outstanding Sound Design, I Understand Everything Better is a deeply personal reflection on our impulse to report on calamity, the concurrence of unrelated events, and the body as evidence of a will having to let go. The multidisciplinary dance-based performance combines narrative, traditional Japanese Noh theater, and Neumann’s virtuosic movement and humor. Created with sound designer and lead artist Tei Blow, who also won a Bessie for his live audio, Sibyl Kempson (text), Chloe Z. Brown and Christine Shallenberg (lighting), and recent MacArthur “Genius” Fellow Mimi Lien (set), I Understand Everything Better is performed by Neumann, Blow, and John Gasper and Jennifer Kidwell.

I Understand Everything Better was commissioned by American Dance Institute (World Premiere, March 2015) and the Chocolate Factory Theater and Abrons Art Center (New York Premiere, April 2015).