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Katie Workum TEACHING @ Gibney Dance (280, Studio G)

In the class, AUTHENTICATE THIS, we will utilize Authentic Movement (AM) paired with discussions about our practice as a methodology to reach a more meaningful and intuitive place from which to be and move. AM is an improvisational technique in which a witnessed person moves with eyes closed for an extended period of time responding to impulse alone. Through both mind and body we will bring to light our habits, penchants, hang-ups, avoidances, trials and joys of moving and watching: the stuff that can form an unconscious counter-current that can undermine ownership over ourselves as makers, performers and viewers. By rooting out these forces, we are more aware and can utilize greater choice and ownership over ourselves. Deepening our intuitive and intellectual selves, we can become a dancing whole entity: equal parts mind, body, choice and intuition. I truly believe that ownership and agency of self is the key to possibility, whether you continue working with improvisation or “set” choreography. This class is for anyone who wants to stop and take a breath, to look at what you have been taking for granted, to expand then release, meld feeling and knowing, separate intuition from impulse, re-assign hierarchies between expertise and honesty and to learn and be humbled by the great unknown. 

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