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World premiere: BLACK LAKES by Katie Workum

world Premiere:

Black Lakes

Mount Tremper Arts

August 9 & 10, 2014

In a celebration of authenticity Katie Workum’s Black Lakes asserts the joyous and spontaneous celebration of the mundane. Seeking to strip down her own pre-existing perceptions of theatricality, Black Lakes creates an environment of inclusion and presence where the choreography is simply all of us together, mindful and aware. Utilizing authentic movement, the performative histories and deep embodiment of her collaborators,  bessie-nominated Eleanor Smith (movement) and Weena Pauly ( movement) will nightly restructure themselves with and without one another. Additoinal collaborators include Bessie-award winning James Lo (Sound) and Carrie Wood (lighting). Black Lakes the performance is an improvisation, passing through eyes closed and opened, unison, partnering, solos, duets and trios. Asserting that humans have at our fingertips a deep attunement with each other, allowing great physical risks as well as intense focus and intuition.  The viewer takes the performances’ opened-up time and space to consider what it is to witness, seeing something new unfold before their eyes. The performer takes their time to plug into the reality of the situation and respond through movement; everyone on the ride at the same time.