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Ivy Baldwin Dance: Oxbow at American Dance Institute

Choreographer Ivy Baldwin celebrates her company’s 15th anniversary season and makes her BAM debut with Oxbow, a new work commissioned by BAM and incubated during Baldwin’s time as the 2014 BAM Fisher Artist in Residence. The evening-length dance created in collaboration with performers Anna Carapetyan, Lawrence Cassella, Eleanor Smith, Ryan Tracy, and Katie Workum features a score composed and mixed live by Justin Jones, and additional music composed and performed by Tracy. Set within a sculptural landscape created by installation artists Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen and featuring costumes by Brooklyn-based fashion designer Alice Ritter, Oxbow—named for the bow-shaped lake formed in a former channel of a river—explores the inexorable nature of the two forces that contain us all: space and time, geology and chronology. The result is a unique and compelling work by an artist described by dance critic Deborah Jowitt as a “hunter-gatherer sort of choreographer—foraging for one thing, finding another, and mixing them together in weird, mysterious, and compelling ways until they have only misty affinities with their natural states."

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